'Spirit of the Sea' Original Painting

Spirit of the Sea
Acrylics on Canvas, 33.1 x 23.4" 
Raya Ahmed Mansoor, 2018

Based on the Maldivian folk story, Arruffanno Fureytha.

“Long ago on Fua Mulaku Island’s western edge, where a village path joins the beach at a place called Arruffanno, a monster came ashore from the sea. Fearing that the monster could make the island deserted, the fanditha man Edurutakkānge Muhammad Dīdī casted a powerful spell that turned the monster into a coral rock.

This rock can still be seen at Arruffanno in the western shore of Fua Mulaku. There the reef surface is flat and that isolated rock stands out in the landscape”. - Xavier Romero-Frias,Arruffanno Fureytha, Folk Tales of the Maldives, 2012.