Our Story

Dedicated to fine art and designing a life we love.
Living by the currents, planning by the tides and chasing the sun. Where time doesn’t move hour to hour, but mood to moment.

Founded in 2015 by sisters Raniya and Raya Mansoor, Oevaali Art Shop is managed and owned alongside partners Imma Rasheed and Ali Ajikko. Featuring 100% Maldivian art and design, Oevaali Art Shop is a premier and locally-loved lifestyle brand of art and products in the Maldives, inspired by the ocean and the seaside.

Take a visual walk through our journey below!

2019 — Maldives Business Awards 2019 Young Entreprenuers of the Year

The Mansoor sisters win the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award at the Maldives Business Awards 2019. Maldives Business Awards is the most prestigious award aimed towards the corporate society of the country; in the most holistic fashion. The multi-faceted and multi-layered judging process of the event makes MBA as the most comprehensive business award in the Maldives. Moreover, Maldives Business Awards’ claim of premier business award title is all the more complemented with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development.

2019 — Second Annual Exhibition: Oceanic, 2019

Oevaali Art Shop’s 2019 Exhibition OCEANIC draws from the naturally stunning geography and sea life of the Maldives. Featuring Acrylic Art, Clay Sculpts and Resin Art, we have re-imagined old favourites in a revival of our original Island Collection.

An event partnering with Dhiraagu, Maldives.

2018 — Oevaali Art Shop Opens in Male'

Oevaali Art Shop opens it's doors in Male' Maldives, on 29th September 2018.

2018 — First Annual Exhibition: Heritage Through Folk

Heritage through Folk by Oevaali Art Shop weaved together a rich, captivating narrative of art from over 10 prolific Maldivian artists. Featuring individual iconic styles, these recollections and interpretations of old Maldivian tales delve deeper into our heritage, and taken as a whole, reflects the complexities of telling the Maldivian story.

2017 — First Pop-up Market at Kuramathi Island Resort

Oevaali Art Shop pops up at the Kuramathi Island Resort Christmas Artisan Market, an event we have participated in since then each year.

2017 — Oevaali Art Shop Products at Male’ Outlets

Over the course of 2017, Oevaali Art Shop products were placed and made available in Male', at Wolf Maldives; and later, Toddy Inc.

2017 — First Corporate Stockist: Kuredu Island Resort, Maldives

Since our founding in 2015, Oevaali Art Shop has become a trusted local partner in the Maldives, working closely and successfully with companies, resorts and hotels making meaningful and locally designed decor, souvenir and gift choices. We are excited to continue to work with Kuredu Island Resort as our first, and recurring stockist.

2016 — First Bespoke Project with Coco Prive Private Island

Combining the artistry and hand-drawn elements of our resident Artists at Oevaali Art Shop, the Coco Privé scarf is designed with a colour palette chosen by the resort, and imagery that pays homage to the island it represents.

2015 — The Island Collection

A collection of paintings inspired by the stunning marine life of the Maldives, was showcased in December 2015, following which oevaaliartshop.com was launched as a fully operational online store with worldwide delivery.

2015 — An Idea Between Sisters

Founded in 2015, Oevaali Art Shop began as a simple idea between Maldivian sisters Raniya & Raya Mansoor, and started up as a Partnership with Ismail Rasheed and Ali Ajikko. Having found themselves living together in Singapore after many years, the sisters reconnected with their love for art. From this, combined with being away from home, began a small collection of art pieces paying tribute to the oceanic wonders of Maldives. Countless kitchen table meetings later, along with art and design work completely taking over their apartment, www.oevaaliartshop.com was finally launched as an online store, with worldwide delivery.