Raya Mansoor

Artist | Maldivian | 1996

About the Artist

Raya Mansoor, co-founder of Oevaali Art Shop, is an Economics graduate, self-taught painter and designer. She enjoys working with acrylics on different surfaces, a medium that is fast drying, and made of pigments suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion.

Radiant, often colourful and bold, Raya’s paintings connect to our beautiful island home. She takes great pleasure in painting the majestic sea creatures she has met in the Maldivian waters.


Raya enjoys working with acrylics, a versatile medium with unique characteristics that is not attainable with other media resembling watercolour or oil effects, giving the artist an enormous amount of creative freedom to create varying effects of detailing, density and transparency.
Acrylic Fine Art
A medium that is fast drying, and made of pigments suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion.
Mirror Art
Rustic meets modern sleek, with the hand-carved mirrors that are elevated to art. Finished with acrylics. 
Large Scale Paintings
Large scale acrylic and mixed media paintings are available for Interiors on order. 
Mixed Media
A combination of clay, ink, metal leaf and acrylics.

Exhibitions, Projects & Clients

Raya has been actively working with acrylics & mixed media from small sized to large scaled pieces, and provides the a full service personally for commissioned art pieces. From discussions with the client to capture and understand their interpretation of a memory, to providing rough sketches and going through approvals, regular updates of the whole process will be done within a well organised timeline with the exact date of completion.

"When I learned that they do custom-made pieces, I jumped on the opportunity and ordered a painting. My choice of coconut palms and palm fronds for the painting was my personal interpretation of the serene beauty and culture I have experienced in this country. In Ms. Raya's work, I found a lovely blend of both artistic skill and a story of my love for Maldives. They have become a little bit of Maldives that I will always take with me. I was also very impressed with Ms. Raya's professionalism and customer-oriented service. She invested time to understand what I wanted for the painting and maintained regular communication with me until the final product was delivered within the agreed timeframe" — Ms. Shoko Noda, Former UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative to Maldives

All Testimonials
Island Exhibition
December, 2015
The ocean is calling with the Island Exhibition, Oevaali Art Shop's first gallery, showcased at our launch day.
Heritage Through Folk, Annual Exhibition
June, 2018 
The exhibition explores issues of our authentic identity and self; what it means to have indigenous ancestors, and a history intertwined with folk tales, tradition and mysticism. 
Oceanic, Annual Exhibition
February, 2019
Oceanic draws from the naturally stunning geography and sea life of the Maldives, featuring acrylic art, clay sculpts and resin art. 
Art for Interiors: JW Marriott, Male' Office, Maldives
August, 2019
A blue ocean-inspired fusion of Acrylic Fine Art on gallery wrapped canvases and Resin & Inks Tondo art for the Marriott corporate office in Male, Maldives.
Art for Interiors: Ms. Shoko Noda
September, 2018
A 2-piece made-to-order acrylic painting for the Former UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative to Maldives.
Art for Interiors: i45 Restaurant, Male, Maldives
August, 2019
A 3-piece mixed media series, hand-carved and painted with acrylics.
Art for Interiors: Individual
December, 2019
A 2-piece acrylic painting with earthy tones and gold leaf details for a home.
Art for Interiors: TMA VIP Lounge, Airport, Maldives
August, 2022
3 acrylic paintings with neutral tones, pop of turquoise and gold leaf details.
Exhibition: A Glimpse of Light
December, 2022
Showcasing a collection of paintings made with acrylics and mixed media, capturing the sun rays and moonshine; symbolizing light, hope and trusting the journey.

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