Faux Stone Solasta Cuff

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Adorned with a single luminous stone, this beautiful rope textured cuff and its ornate detailing offers an old Maldivian touch, with a sleek and modern finish.

  • Faux Stones: Turquoise, Lake Blue
  • Stainless Steel (SS) finish, available in Rose Gold and Silver
  • High durability and resistance to rust

A talisman of queens and warriors, the tranquility of the Turquoise stone - in heavenly ocean blues and mottled earthy veins, make for a striking ornamental gem.

Lake Blue
Evoking the ripples of fresh lake waters, the stunning colour of this stone brings with it an aura of serenity, contentment and calmness.

This is a glue-set jewelry piece. When gemstones are set without prongs, they need help staying in place. This is usually done with glue, epoxy or resin. While every effort is made to ensure the stone is afixed strongly, glue-set pieces require a bit more TLC to ensure the stone does not come loose. Frequent contact with liquids can cause the glue to break-down. If the bracelet falls or has an impact with another object, the stone may come loose. 

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