Cowrie Isles Framed Sculpture

Cowrie Isles Framed Sculpture

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During the times of the ancient shell trade, the Maldives were known as the 'Cowrie Islands'. It is said that a powerful queen ruled over the islands while monopolising the trade in the region. 

Shells of molluscs, such as the Money Cowrie (Monetaria Moneta), were harvested on palm fronds, submerged in shallow lagoons. 

Full Title Cowrie Isles
Artist Imma Rasheed
Year of Completion
Dimensions 64 x 64cm
Medium & Finish

Acrylics and gold leaf on clay, sculpted onto a wooden frame

 Finished with a UV protective gloss varnish


Ships from Male', Maldives

Other Details

Original artwork, signed by the artist

Certificate of Authenticity included


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