Imma Rasheed

Artist | Maldivian | 1987

“We all need a little fish therapy once in a while”

Imma Rasheed is an avid outdoorsman with a particular affinity for marine life. His early childhood experiences were shaped by the sea. He claims his earliest memories are of fishing with his dad and snorkelling with his uncle. Imma’s interest in the sea started to translate into his art from a very young age and he has continued to be inspired by it in his paint and sculptures.


Imma's main mediums of choice are acrylics and clay.

All Artwork by Imma Rasheed
Acrylics on canvas
Blueface Angel
Acrylics on wood
Clay Sculpt
Framed Clay Sculpt

Exhibitions, Projects & Clients

Imma has contributed acrylic paintings and clay sculpts for the the Oevaali Art Shop's Heritage Through Folk (2018) and Oceanic (2019) exhibitions.

Heritage Through Folk
June, 2018

The exhibition explores issues of our authentic identity and self; what it means to have indigenous ancestors, and a history intertwined with folk tales, tradition and mysticism. 
Oceanic, Annual Exhibition
February, 2019

Oceanic draws from the naturally stunning geography and sea life of the Maldives, featuring acrylic art, clay sculpts and resin art. 

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