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Prices depend on the complexity of the project, the requested style and medium, and the size and surface area of the piece. Individual prices are indicated below. If you require more than 3 pieces in any combination, a package discount is negotiable.


A3 (29 x 42 cm) Stretched Canvas  From USD 250
A2 (42 x 59 cm) Stretched Canvas From USD 350
A1 (59 x 84 cm) Stretched Canvas From USD 450
A0 (84 x 120 cm) Stretched Canvas From USD 800
Custom Sizes  Quoted on Request



20cm Round Mirror  From USD 100
30cm Round Mirror From USD 150
40cm Round Mirror
From USD 190
50cm Round Mirror From USD 250
60cm Round Mirror From USD 350
80cm Round Mirror
From USD 450
90cm Round Mirror
From USD 600
100cm Round Mirror
From USD 700
120cm Round Mirror
From USD 800
Custom Size
Quoted on Request


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