Everything, In Time Painting

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Full Title Everything, In Time
Artist Raniya Mansoor
Year of Completion
Dimensions 40x70 cm 
Technique & Medium Acrylics on Wood, Inks & Resin Top Coat. Comes With 2 Cack Hangers, Ready to Hang
Shipping  Ships from Male', Maldives
Other Details Original work delivered with an e-Certificate of Authenticity.
Note from the Artist — For thousands of years, we have revered and observed the changing of seasons. 'Equinox' means 'equal night' in Latin; twice a year the sun is in perfect alignment with the Equator and for this reason, the hours of day-light and the hours of darkness draw parallel. What happens in nature in March and in September perhaps reflects what happens within this series: inner shifts, change, and an invitation to reflect on the light and shadows of life's journey.

This is the third piece of the Equinox Collection:  a painting that has had many faces before ending up how it has. Thinking of  the old walls in Male’, weathered and cracked, with even older walls under layers of paint on paint; exploring this concept and pairing decay with a palette of cold, crisp mint greens and teals has been an interesting study of contrasting oldness with freshness.
Everything, In Time Painting

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