Raniya Mansoor

Artist | Maldivian | 1989

"The Maldives is my palette."

Co-founder of Oevaali Art Shop, Raniya is a Politics graduate, and a self-taught contemporary Artist. She takes an intuitive and multi-layered, abstract-expressionist approach to create depth and texture in her paintings. Raniya is drawn to creating art that meaningfully connects to life, her Maldivian heritage, and a journey of wellness; and channels her reflections in mixed mediums, paired with a minimalist and structured finish. She leads the research, curation and creative direction of Oevaali Art Shop Galleries & Exhibitions.

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Raniya uses mixed mediums in her work. Resin & inks offer limitless composition opportunities as the artwork is elaborately built layer upon layer of translucent detail, offering a lustrous and intriguing glassy finish; whilst acrylic and paint mediums offer a more rustic play of colours, brush strokes and texture.

Resin & Ink Tondo Wall Decor

Circular wall decor, or Tondi; poured on wood or aluminium panels. Each piece is built layer on layer, adding textures that are perfected with a fire torch for a lustrous, glossy finish.
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Contemporary Intuitive Art in Mixed Media

An intuitive process; each layer builds on the last, and informs the next. Free-flowing expressionist pieces full of marks, wonderful textures and emotive brush strokes.
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Alcohol Ink Art

Wispy fluid art with crisp edges; from intense vibrance to moody subdued tones; the processed inks layer by layer gives finished pieces an ethereal look.

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Taking an art-journal approach, illustrations are driven by the mood, colours and events of the moment. Museum-quality archival prints on textured traditional artist paper.
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Exhibitions, Projects & Clients

Raniya specialises in creating site or occasion-specific artwork and welcomes the opportunity to work with interior designers and architects, resorts and hotels, individuals and curators to fill your spaces with colours of Maldives.

"Innovative, quality, inspiring are just a few expressions I would use to describe the excellency of the artwork of Raniya. Discovering the real avant-garde and trendy artwork of Raniya and her team made the entire venue one of our biggest success stories." — Mr. Alain Trefois, Cluster Director of Operations at Kuramathi Maldives, Kandolhu Maldives, and Maafushivaru Maldives

"The Resin Art you have produced for us is quite remarkable and brilliantly encapsulates the natural beauty of the Maldives, we wanted to present to the Minister of External Affairs for the Government of India, H.E Dr. Subramamyam Jaishankar." — Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maldives

I knew I would not want to be parted from this beautiful circular piece of art. The stunning colours of ‘Haven’ made me feel enveloped again in the deepest blues of the ocean I encounter during dives around the Maldives, both warm and mysterious. Having this in my home keeps me close to the ocean and its beauty." — Mr. Ferdinand Von Habsburg-Lothringen, United Nations Peace & Development Advisor

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Island Exhibition
December, 2015

The ocean is calling with the Island Exhibition, Oevaali Art Shop's first gallery, showcased at our launch day.
Heritage Through Folk, Annual Exhibition
June, 2018 

The exhibition explores issues of our authentic identity and self; what it means to have indigenous ancestors, and a history intertwined with folk tales, tradition and mysticism. 
Oceanic, Annual Exhibition
February, 2019

Oceanic draws from the naturally stunning geography and sea life of the Maldives, featuring acrylic art, clay sculpts and resin art. 
Art for Interiors: JW Marriott, Male' Office, Maldives
August, 2019

A blue ocean-inspired fusion of Resin & Inks Tondo art, and Acrylic Fine Art on gallery wrapped canvases for the Marriott corporate office in Male, Maldives.
Diplomatic Gifting: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maldives
September, 2019

Commissioned by The Maldives Foreign Ministry for the Minister of External Affairs for the Government of India, H.E Dr. Subramamyam Jaishankar.

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