Flying Fish Pendant SS

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The flying fish, or ‘fulhan’gi’, as known in the Maldives, is one of the most fascinating fish in our oceans. These remarkable fish have evolved to be able to leap out the water and glide over the waves to escape from large predators like tunas, billfish and the ever vibrant mahi-mahis. They are able to leap and glide over the water’s surface for astonishing distances, sometimes up 650 feet. They have also been known to reach speeds of over 50 kilometres per hour.

The Flying Fish pendant is inspired by these amazing creatures in full flight. From our range of SS Pendants, this delicate yet sleek design immortalises the beauty of a flying fish as it glides over the waves, ever so slightly touching the surface.

    • Stainless steel in polished silver and rose gold
    • High durability and resistance to rust
    • Complimentary stainless steel 50cm chain, adjustable to 55cm

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