Aori Pendant SS

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Bigfin Reef Squids are often mistaken for Cuttlefish, due to their large fins that extend around the entirety of the mantle, and their more oval shape, in comparison to other squid species. The Bigfin Reef Squid is known as “aori-ika” and is considered the “king of squid”. They’re the most common seen species of cephalopod in the harbours and reefs, day, or night. Due to their short lifespans of about a year, they’re voracious feeders, actively feeding regardless of the time of day.

The brilliant displays of these squids are quite a sight to marvel, regardless of whether they’re feeding or putting on a show for the opposite sex. Their complex color patterns are a remarkable tool for communication, that is astonishingly beautiful to behold. These cephalopods are seemingly an extra-terrestrial species sharing our world.

  • Stainless steel in polished black and rose gold
  • High durability and resistance to rust
  • Complimentary stainless steel 50cm chain, adjustable to 55cm


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