Blue Hour Art Print

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Maldivian Artist, Raniya Mansoor is passionate about creating art and design that is bold but simple, and meaningfully connected to life, scenery, culture, history and indigenous heritage of the Maldivian islands. 

Raniya's Art Prints take an art-journal approach, and are often driven by the mood, colors and events unfolding in the moment.

  • Digital Illustration, 2018 
  • Museum-quality archival print 
  • Textured matte paper created exclusively from cotton fibers
  • Traditional artist paper natural coloring 
  • Certified acid-free and resistance to ageing
  • 320gsm weight
  • Frame included
  • Maldives
About the Artwork
Portrays the peacefulness of the blue hour, right after the sun sets along the horizon and the moon appears; when the Maldivian skies become a deep, dark, striking blue. 
Inspired by the figure drawing style of artist, Maggie Stephenson.

*Please note that frames are complimentary, and sourced at the time of purchase. Therefore the frame style may differ slightly from the picture. 

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