The Relentless Yellowfin Notebook

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The Yellowfin tuna is one of the two pillars of Maldivian fisheries. These majestic creatures are free-swimming pelagic, tirelessly roaming the warm tropical waters. They are ferocious predators and are frequently seen to breach the water’s surface in pursuit of their prey. 

Uninhibited and yet refined, this notebook is a beautiful blend of classic style with fresh rustic island elements. Take a bit of Maldivian calm into your workspace with our Leatherette Notebook, for all your notes, thoughts, ideas, sketches & lists.

  • Sleek leatherette cover features hand-drawn art prints from the Maldives.
  • 100gsm ivory white pages to withstand a variety of inks and mediums.
  • A5 (192 pages) & A6 (160 pages) compact book with internal back pocket.

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