Tuna (Monochrome) Art Print

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Maldivian Artist, Raniya Mansoor is passionate about creating art and design that is bold but simple, and meaningfully connected to life, scenery, culture, history and indigenous heritage of the Maldivian islands. 

Raniya's Art Prints take an art-journal approach, and are often driven by the mood, colours and events unfolding in the moment.

  • Digital Illustration, 2019 
  • Museum-quality archival print 
  • Textured matte paper created exclusively from cotton fibers
  • Traditional artist paper natural coloring 
  • Certified acid-free and resistance to ageing
  • 320gsm weight paper
  • Frame included
  • Maldives

About the Artwork
It is said in Maldivian folklore that the first tunas were discovered by Maldivian sailors at the edge of the world, where a surreal looking Enderi (Black Coral) that rose above the ocean like a majestic black tree, and strong currents of water dropped down to infinity over the edge beyond it. A big and peculiar fish leapt around the waters around the black tree. The navigator traced the shape of the fish on a piece of parchment, rolled it into his bamboo flask and whispered a magical chant. As the ship made it's way back to the Maldivian islands, so did the tunas, in large schools trailing the boat.

In eighty-eight days, the ship returned back to the Maldives and the tunas settled into the blue depths of the Maldivian oceans, and remained forever.

*Please note that frames are complimentary, and sourced at the time of purchase. Therefore the frame style may differ slightly from the picture. 

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