Be it a resin tondo on your living room wall, a painting on your hallway or a sculpture on your mantelpiece, the right piece of art will always give character to a room. Art can serve as a centrepiece or accent a room by its mere presence. Finding art for your home should be a fun and enjoyable experience, guided by your unique tastes and personality.

By Palette

The power of colour, to alter moods, evoke happiness, and call to mind feelings of peace, relaxation and thought is incredible. The colours in our spaces match the personalities within it. Browse by palette to choose art that set just the right mood.

By Medium

Selecting the right medium is easy with Oevaali Art Shop. Each artist has a preferred medium that they strive to perfect. More often than not, our artists will explore mixed mediums to achieve some very unique pieces.
Acrylic Fine Art
Acrylic is a versatile medium that is fast drying, and made of pigments suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. 
Resin & Inks
Resin is a fluid art medium that is poured onto a canvas or panel. In carefully measured proportions, the resins are mixed into vibrant pigments, powders and inks.
Alcohol Inks 
Alcohol Inks create free-flowing textures, giving the artist enormous bandwidth to go from intense vibrance to moody subdued tones just by working with the concentration of the ink.
Framed Art Prints are a beautiful wallet-friendly way to polish up your space with finished look in minutes. Printed in archival-grade paper, and comes with a complimentary wall art frame.
Mixed Media
Mixed media art involves mixing different creative mediums to create work that incorporates two or more art forms, breaking the boundaries between different art forms.
Clay & Sculpt
Clay sculptures seek to not only please eyes but also the sense of touch. 

By Artist

Every artist has a unique style. Find art from an artist that suits your tastes and themes.
Raya Mansoor
Raniya Mansoor
Imma Rasheed
Ali Ajikko

By Collections

The right collection can help set the perfect theme, from seascapes to art inspired by Maldivian Folklore.
Abstract artwork is featured in all our collections. Allow yourself to get lost in the abstract beauty created by our resin artists.
Folk & History
The Maldives is steeped in both rich history and folklore. Let us tell you the tales through our art, from the many stories of the supernatural to the ones surrounding the many animals that make the Maldives their home.
Marine Life
It's hard not to be inspired by marine life when you’re in the Maldives. From the multitudinous species of fish to the innumerable types of corals and invertebrates, our artists aim to capture them in various mediums.

Many times, an artist’s mood defines the artwork. This is our most intimate collection as it is  a true reflection of the different personalities of the artists.
Nature is a true inspiration as it is all around us, especially when we are in the islands. This collection is driven by our love of not only what's under the sea, but also flora and fauna that makes up the many islands of the Maldives.
The Seascapes collection is inspired by the seas that make the Maldives such an isolated and beautiful place. Whether the art is depicting the calm beach at night, being kissed by the waves, to the roiling, raging sea during a storm, we have a seascape for every theme.
There are times when inspiration cannot be contained in just one piece. Rather, only a set of sculpts or paintings will quench the fires of artistry. Tell stories with your space with one of our sets and series. 

Art for Interiors

Interior designers, businesses, hotels and individuals have commissioned Oevaali Art Shop to create beautiful art pieces in an array of various mediums. Our Founders & Artists specialise in creating site-specific artwork and welcome the opportunity to work with interior designers and architects, resorts and hotels, individuals and curators to fill your spaces with colours of Maldives.

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