Stone Solasta Cuff

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Adorned with a single luminous stone, this beautiful rope textured cuff and its ornate detailing offers an old Maldivian touch, with a sleek and modern finish.

  • Natural Stones: Indian Agate, Pink Crystal, White Agate
  • Faux Stones: Turquoise, Deep Blue Sandstone, Opal
  • Stainless Steel (SS) finish, available in Rose Gold and Silver
  • 6 cm diameter cuff, easy-on design
  • High durability and resistance to rust

Natural Indian Agate
In beautiful hues of teals, greens and maroons, the Indian Agate has been used since ancient times for peace, luck, clarity and mindfulness.

Natural Pink Crystal
A natural blend of warm red tones with divine whites, the Pink Crystal calms and soothes with its delicate softness. A stone that is symbolic of universal love, tolerance, kindness and healing. 

Natural White Agate
Lighten your mind with the purity and lull of the White Agate stone, and its layers of translucent composition. This intuitive chalcedony stone glistens and restores under the island moon.

Natural Tiger Eye
With striking golds within earthy browns, the Tiger Eye stone encapsulates the rays of the sun, radiating effortless allure and vivacity. 

Natural Blue Jade 
Like a veil of slow moving clouds shadowing the moon, the Blue Jade is a a dreamy stone; a stone of calm amidst a storm. 

Faux Turquoise
A talisman of queens and warriors, the tranquility of the Turquoise stone - in heavenly ocean blues and mottled earthy veins, makes for a striking ornamental gem.

Faux Deep Blue Sandstone
Like a serene midnight island sky, adorned with flickering stars, the Deep Blue Sandstone offers effortless elegance, mystery and power.

*For natural stones, expect some color variations and individual distinction from the picture.