Gaia Round Stone Necklace

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Delicate pieces making strong statements, the Gaia Stone Necklaces come in an exquisite selection of round, marquis and teardrop cut natural stones. Modern design and timeless elegance come together in these pendants, creating a stunning center piece to any look. A single natural stone is framed delicately and suspended from a stainless steel chain.

  • 15mm Round Stone 

Turquoise + Copper Stone
Turquoise & Copper is a captivating combination of copper deposits within turquoise; creating an ornamental masterpiece that is hard to match. A symbol of life and beauty, Turquoise & Copper as a combination is true art, and an ancient and treasured amulet of queens and warriors.

Lapis Lazuli Stone
Full of rich ancient history, beloved by Pharaohs and Queens, and in it’s signature stunning deep blue hue, Lapis Lazuli is celebrated as a stone of wisdom and highly regarded as a gem of great prestige, originating from the oldest mines in the world. Like a starry sky within a gem, the Lapis Lazuli could well be the holder of all the knowledge of the universe. A spellbinding stone that ignites the mind and calls to the soul.

White Calcite + Copper Stone
A fresh marblesque crystal historically known as a stone of peace and healing, White Calcite is an exquisitely translucent stone, and covered by intricate bands of pearly whites and steel greys.

Turquoise + Oyster + Copper Stone
A gorgeous scape of contrasting teals and oranges, with veins of copper, Turquoise, Oyster & Copper takes us back to ancient journeys and the beauty of nature.

Pink Opal + Copper Stone
Composed of soft and sultry clusters of pale pink, creme and lavender with copper veins; a stone of dreams, lore and legend; the Pink Opal & Copper stone is a delicately beautiful gem. It emanates love, light, heart and inner healing.

Opal, Turquoise + Copper Stone
A spectral delight, the Opal, Turquoise & Copper stone is absolutely dedicated to the eye and inspires love and hope. Resplendent tints of Opal against the sea-blue glory of the Turquoise – all shining together in incredible union and exquisite pleasure.

Amazonite Stone
Like rushing water, mysterious and ancient, the Amazonite stone glistens in exquisite tints of turquoise and sea blue. Energy surges through this beautiful stone like the river for it is named, bold as the warriors of the Amazon, providing both strength, harmony and balance for the soul.

Onyx Stone
A most ancient stone, known through the earliest of civilisations for its somber beauty, this deep black stone has adorned the swords and armour of warriors for centuries. Symbolising the light and dark dualities within ourselves, the Onyx is a stunning talisman of strength and self-mastery.

Labradorite Stone 
Born from the storms of the Northern Lights, the Labradorite is both art and magic. Fiery golds, smokey shimmers and a collision of blues and greens in ever-changing iridescence connect this beautiful stone with all the elements – earth, oceans, skies and the stars.

Beautifully opalescent, the sheen and shimmer of the Moonstone has been, for thousands of years, connected with the magic of the moon. Symbolic of new beginnings and starting anew, just like the moon that glows and fades, and is endlessly reborn in the night sky.

Lace Agate
A unique agate composed of ornate patterns in creamy browns, blacks and gold,  creating an aura of wellness with its earthy tones. A amulet of laughter and light, infused with the tribal energies of ancient cultures, this is a stone all about inner peace and wholeness.

*For natural stones, expect some colour variations and individual distinction from the picture.

This is a delicate jewelry piece. We advise you to handle it carefully and delicately to avoid any breakage.


GAIA — Inspired by the allure of nature and the hues of the islands, the Gaia Stone Collection features stunning ethically-sourced semi-precious stones inset in stainless steel with rose gold and silver finishes. Each piece in this collection is a unique and one of a kind piece of stone art.


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