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Blending modern design with rustic simplicity and grace of coastal life,  the subtle natural colours of the Maldivian seaside take us back to a life by the currents, planning by the tides and chasing the sun. Where time doesn’t move hour to hour, but mood to moment.
'Balmy Nights' Amber Sandalwood Soy Candle from $18.80
White Sage Room Spray Sold Out
'Salt' Aqua & Coastal Wood Soy Candle Sold Out
Lily Berry Soy Candle Sold Out
Melon Driftwood Soy Candle from $18.80
'Lullaby' Soy Candle $18.80
'Coffee House' Soy Candle $18.80
'Coconut Flora' Soy Candle Sold Out
'Mosaic' Handcrafted Resin Tray Sold Out
Ginger Bamboo Room Spray Sold Out
'Wood Rose' Soy Candle Sold Out
Spiced Vanilla Room Spray $18.90
Green Wood Room Spray $18.90
Balmy Nights Room Spray Sold Out
'The Mavi' Handcrafted Resin Tray $165.00
'The Delphian' Handcrafted Resin Tray Sold Out
'The Adria' Handcrafted Resin Tray Sold Out
Sea Salt Soy Candle from $18.80
Sea Salt Room Spray $18.90
Rustic Lodge Room Spray $18.90
No. 01 Room Spray Sold Out
'Spa Day' Lavender Room Spray $18.90
Bamboo Orchid Soy Candle $25.00
Peach Coconut Soy Candle Sold Out
Ginger Bamboo Soy Candle Sold Out
'Spa Day' Lavender Soy Candle Sold Out
White Sage Soy Candle $25.00